Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wednesday random poll question day #3

1.) Biggest Pet peeve?

2.) You are trapped on a desert island and you can only have one item, what would it be?

3.) If you could have any super hero's power, which power would it be?

4.) If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?


Moose said...

1.) Caring other peoples stuff when we go out when they don’t want to carry a pocket book.

Getting caught by the trains that are always running thru Columbia

When you call somebody’s cell phone and they go “what do you need” or when they call you and ask who you are with.

2.)Never ending pasta bowl from Olive garden or a boat

3.) I would want to be able to fly, although invisibility would be nice as well

4.)I would want to be able to grow a better beard

A-Dubs said...

1. Biggest pet peeve is feet. I do not want to see your feet and I definitely do not want them touching me!
2. Company, I would go crazy after one day alone. Or a boat or some way to get off would be nice too.
3. Ability to tell the future.
4. My nose, it is too big!

gray said...

People picking/ messing with their feet in public or atleast around me.

A solar powered flash light.

The abiality to walk through walls.

I would add a few extra inches on to my "member", just for show.

Did you steal these questions from the brotherhood retreat cards?

Moose said...

I couldn't find the brotherhood questions so I went to the source and kidnapped the pledge ed.

penny said...

-people who put their toilet paper in upside down. the loose end comes from the top of the roll folks
-well, that volley ball worked out pretty well for tom hanks
-i would say superman, but dan marino probly has the better arm
-hello. my name is matt. and i live on a couch.

Tripp said...

-Girls that say "No"

- Solar powered RV

- the ability to Stretch, oh you know what I am talking about.

Stretch Armstrong

- Larger Man berries

JR said...

not sure about #1 to many to name i guess

2. case of beer
3. i'm going on a strech here and would like to be able to give tom tom the power to turn into the incredible hulk or as obie called him the angy, angy tom tom aaaarrrrrrrhhhhhhh! either way i would probably laugh myself to death...

4. like to be 6-3 and swol so i could be in the nfl...

Porter said...

1) annoying people that ask stupid questions or people who think it is fun to ass people, or wet the bed when they come into town even though there are 25

2) Lots of Ky

3) not be such a fatass

Joey C. said...

1) People with nasal voices and northern accents!
2) A member of the Swedish Bikini Team
3) Spider powers - my spider sense is tingling!
4) The ears! I know what I'm doing.