Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday Sports Poll Questions

1. Who would win if the game was played - Temple or Byrnes High School?
2. Will the Panthers make it to the Super Bowl this year?
3. If West Virginia and O-Hi-O State played who would win?
4. Will Clemson win the ACC title this year ?
5. How many years will Steve Spurrier stay at USC?

Post your comments.


ritch said...

Sorry to respond to my own post but I figured I would get things started.

1.gotta go with Byrnes High....just ask Brad Martin.
2.Panthers will not make it this year to the super bowl no matter want JR says.
3.W. VA would beat OSU. Sorry Crummy...
4.Clemson will not win the ACC...may however make it to the championship game.
5. Steve-y will be at USC for 8 years (total)

espn said...

A must read.....


Moose said...

Sorry for the delay, had a training class this morning, still working on the friday poll questions from LJ.

good questions ritch!

I am going to go with Byrnes just because Temple is really bad.

Panthers will not make it to the super bowl unless Rex goes down in Chicago

I think O-hi-o state would kill WV due to OSU's defense.

Clemson will Win the ACC because NC state and GT are both hit or miss.

Spurrier will be here a total of 10 years at carolina

Porter said...

hell ill get you some klenex jarod

Crummy said...

Close matchup, the only way Temple could win is if Bill Cosby started as their RB again

Playoffs probably, Super Bowl no

West Virginia would get murdered on both sides of the ball. First, WVU has virtually no defensive stopping ability just team speed. The Mountaineer defense tends to wear out other team's offenses as the games progress. Second, OSU still has an extremely tough defense, and we in Ohio take pride in our ability to stop the run. WVU would have to go to the air to gain any yards and that is simply not their forte.


8 max

Anonymous said...

fuck fuck fuck fuckdy fuck fuck fuck no i will not sign my name as by now you should know who else could write 7 sentences using the word fuck...

1. i say byrnes
2. you better fucking believe it baby bears are peaking way to fuckin early look what happened to indy last year...
3.are you fucking kidding me same anser as number 2 of couse the number one team in the league wins o-hi-o st all day long...
4. fuck fuckdy no they will be peach bowl bound
5. sadly only 5 years he will quit.. just like he gave up on the redskins,....

Anonymous said...

1.cocktail says temple..come on boys...i love DBM also, but his boys have no chance, philly got some big'ens
2.we all know i hate jake, but i think they will make it to NFC champ
3.osu w.v. no passing game buckeyes too talented
4.considering they are loosing in atlanta this weekend...NO!!!
5.if he doesn't kill himself in a few years...6 more