Thursday, October 12, 2006

Throwback Thursday Poll day #4

1.) Nintendo or Sega
2.) All-time favorite Video game
3.) All-time favorite sports video game
4.) If Mario and Sonic the hedgehog got into a fight, who would win and why

5.) All-time favorite arcade game (aladins castle for life)


Moose said...

Nintendo, although sega did have Golden Axe which ruled in the Arcade.

Contra (up up down down, you know the rest)

Super Techno bowl

Sonic might be fast but Mario is Italian

Teenage mutant ninja turtles or the first mortal Kombat

Man i miss hanging out at Aladdin’s castle.

Porter said...

tecmo bowl
Double Dribble or tecmo bowl
sonic he has spikes baby
any of the games that had a gun that you held

ritch said...

Cobra...the codes where the best.
tecmo bowl or duck hunt
Got to go with the rodent on that one
Arcade gun was a goody

Crummy said...

Sega Genesis (three buttons rule)
Fifa '97
Mario has a hammer and a plunger so whenever Sonic tries to do the death roll Mario will just hit him

gray said...

1. Gotta go with Nintendo, more and better games.

2. Rad Racer

3. RBI Baseball

4. Mario, He has more weapons and friends in case they are in a gang fight.

5. Mario (1) (it is ridiculously hard to beat now)

JR said...

Say it-- SEGA

2 tecmo bowl
3 sports talk baseball
4 i'm going mario cause he can shoot fireballs from his cock
5. alter beast turn into a wolf and really fuck some shit up!!!

Anonymous said...

cocktail says...up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b,a,b, a, select, start
i poopy my panties...