Thursday, October 12, 2006

Political Poll Question

With the election very near and the balance of the US House at stake not to mention the state races. Here are some political questions for today.

(Background---The Democrats only need to pick up 15 seats to take back control of the House. The GOP has held power in the house for a decade now but GOP leadership and most newspapers say the GOP could lose 7 to 30 seats.)

1. Will the GOP lose control of the US House this election cycle??? Yes or no and do explain.

2. Sanford or Moore?

3. Rex or Floyd?

4. Looking in the future for a possible Senate matchup, Graham or Ravenel?

5. And Looking ahead, by most predictors, for Prez in 08--- McCain or Clinton?

1 comment:

she said...

no the GOP will not lose control but the Demo's will gain about 10 seats.

Got to go with Sanford but Moore will make it close look for a 53-47 win.

Hoping Rex will win.

Graham will continue to win but the big question is if McCain wins in 08 then we shall see Graham become att General. Then Ravenel will run for the seat.

McCain vs. Clinton...going with McCain but he is not my choice for the GOP.