Friday, October 06, 2006

Where are our donors?

Anyone notice that the Former Morgan Stanley chairman and CEO Philip J. Purcell announced this past Thursday he was contributing $12.5 million (total 24 million dollar project) toward the new improvemnts with the Notre Dame Basketball Arena project, which includes replacing 5,763 bleacher seats with chairs and building a two-story entrance that will house an expanded retail store, ticket offices and a 16,500 square foot hospitality area that will include premium club seating for nearly 800 fans.

Purcell said his days as a Notre Dame student in the early 1960s were "among the best of his life and that sports were an integral part of that."

We need some South Carolina donors to do something like this.......where is rishi?


Anonymous said...

yeah...where is rishi...he is suppose to be worth a million bucks and live in a fancy house in San diego....he should be stepping up with the $$$ to help USC and to help DTD build a house....we can call the house the "Rishi Taj Mahal" and build on to Willy it the "Rishi seats of Love."

Anonymous said...

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