Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Gamecocks Bowl Options Down to 3

I don't know about you guys but I am still enjoying the gamecocks win versus clemson....as you know the gamecocks football team has concluded their season and await word from a bowl committee on where their next game will be.  LOHD will join the masses and shed light on the subject.... 

The Liberty and Independence bowls likely will go with Arkansas and Auburn, respectively.  Seems our bowl destinations are being narrowed down to a final three - The Chick-fil-A Bowl, The Music City Bowl and The Papa John's Bowl.

I know there is still a lot of football to be played and everyone has a scenario to talk about - Joe Person's from The State and Garnet & Black Attack - and LOHD told you back on Nov 20th that it was down to these three. 

Must admit, I thought if we won the CU game then Atlanta would want us and still not understanding why not b/c I really feel the USC faithful would invade Atlanta.  I think it simply comes down to business.  Meaning the selection cmtes are looking at miles between locations, travel history....heads and beds folks...simple tourism 101.

If the Sugar Bowl will confirm that it will take the loser of Saturday’s Southeastern Conference championship game between No. 1 Florida and No. 2 Alabama, then the other bowls can announce their selections.

Quick Thoughts -

Chick-fil-A Bowl
I would love for Carolina to be at this bowl....But very slim chance of getting the invite to this bowl as rumors around the web is that they have no interest in us coming to Atlanta and seem poised to take the UGa v VT match-up.  VT deserves it at 9-3.  UGa gets the nod due to location or someone on the cmte had deeper motives.  Could see UT sneak in there...oh the drama.

Music City Bowl
Seems UK is the favorite here do to location, traveling history and timing.  Makes sense really from the business side but this is where the Gamecocks deserve to be after going 7-5 in 2009.  Seems the ACC choice is UNC....I would prefer the 'battle of the Carolinas' over the 'battle of the blues'.  Outside chance of UGa landing here is they get snubbed by Atlanta...like USC did.

PapaJ Bowl
USC AD Eric Hyman was on the radio last night and he pretty much stated that this is the most likely place that USC will be going.  SC would face the winner of this week’s UConn-South Florida game.  Either one would be a good match up and a joy to watch.  Everyone knows that USC fans follow their team and have a good record of showing up at bowl games but will they go to this game?

Again there is a lot of football and choices to be made.  CU-GT game has some weight on the above so watch that game closely and tune in on Sunday for the Bowl Selection show.  Might even get word sooner so stay tuned but you are most likely safe making that hotel reservation in Alabama.


As of 3pm today, Chick-fil-a Bowl Chooses UT v VT.


JR said...

Ole miss is Cotton
Auburn is outback

we are fucked!!!!
looks more like independence now....

Moose said...

Go to the Music City bowl facebook page and post a comment. There are a ton of SC fans on there right now.

Might help in there decision making process.