Monday, November 30, 2009

ACC Championship games T-Shirts Go on Sale

You might have already seen this but I think it is pretty funny stuff. What do you get when you take the worst football school from SC and put them up against the worst football school in the state of Georgia. The ACC Championship game.


cockhawk said...

i would soooo buy several of those. do you have a link?

Moose said...


I think it is just a photo-shopped shirt, I wish there was a link. If I find a link I will post it. -

Moose said...

We might be making some shirts that say

1st in the ACC, 2nd in the State

-General Malaise

cockhawk said...

love it. if you guys make shirts please post the link.

you know, there's also gotta be a joke about spiller probably not getting the heisman now . . . something about not crying over spillered milk . . . or something. i dont know why but that kinda strikes me as funny.

UGA fan said...

I love it...

Dawg fans and Gamecocks can agree on one thing! The best of the ACC can't stack up against middle of the road SEC teams!

I seriously would buy those shirts if I could find them. Though I think it might be copyright infringement so it would be difficult.

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