Monday, November 30, 2009

Mumme Poll Ballot

1. Florida

Beat FSU in part of the SEC’s “Beat the crap out of your ACC rival” week.

2. Alabama

Survived scare against Auburn. Onto the National Semifinal against Florida.

3. Texas

Defense didn’t look so hot against Texas A&M. Offense and Colt McCoy did, though.

4. TCU

Speaking of offensive outputs. Perhaps we’ll get to see how good they are against one of the big boys in the BCS.

5. Oregon

One more game on the way to the Rose Bowl.


Close game against bad Illinois team. A win this week against Pitt and Cincy might be Top 5 material.

Ohio State

No game. No change.

Boise State

Still undefeated. I still have my doubts about how good this team actually is. Hopefully they will play someone other than TCU in their bowl game.

Oregon State

One game away from the Rose Bowl … and a rivalry game at that. Should be interesting.

Georgia Tech

Victim of the SEC’s “Beat the crap out of your ACC rival” week.

Iowa, LSU

Deserving? Maybe. More likely the beneficiaries of the losses in last week’s Top 12.

Comments, arguments?


Moose said...

My top 5 in the mumme poll

1. Florida
2. Bama
3. Texas
4. TCU
5. Cincinnati

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