Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Spurrier to get Contract Extension from Gamecocks

Via this - HERE - the Ole Ball Coach said today he expects to soon receive a contract extension that would bring his deal to four years thus to help in recruiting.

Spurrier in his own words...
"I think we're going to announce an extension here in a few days because the head coach needs four years on their contract (for recruiting)," Spurrier said. "Not only who the head coach will be, but who assistants will be."
Makes sense to me and glad to hear it.  LOHD has always maintained that Spurrier is doing a good job, despite the records, in building rebuilding the program.  He certainly has the program progressing in the right direction and having him down for a full 4 yr term will help him when he goes into the homes of future gamecocks in "selling" the USC program.

I truly feel he has 3-4 years of coaching left in him and during that span will do great things at Carolina.

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