Friday, November 13, 2009

Q & A about USC v UF with Gators First (Part 1)

Recently, LOHD exchanged some questions and thoughts about the upcoming USC v UF game.  Please visit Gators First when you get a chance as they do a excellent job covering UF sports!

Here is LOHD responses to Gators First Questions ---

James Brown, Gators First (G1): It seems like the last several seasons for South Carolina have begun with a dangerous-looking, possibly contending Gamecock team, followed by extended losing streaks late in the season- what gives?

Leftover Hotdog (LOHD): It has been highly frustrating the last few years to watch the team decline after getting out the gate strong. A lot of it has to do with the schedule each year as it is loaded at the back end with tough teams. This year is much the same.

(G1): What year-to-year expectations to South Carolina fans have for their teams? In other words, what do you feel is your “rightful place” in the SEC East standings, and national rankings?

(LOHD): Well, each year the gamecock fans want/desire to see progression being made from the Carolina team. I mean we have Spurrier right? But it seems each of the past few seasons 6 to 7 wins is best we can do which causes frustration from the gamecock fans. We desire to be in the mix for the SEC East each year but again we start out strong and fade towards the end. Also it does not help to play in the toughest conference and maybe one of the toughest divisions. I still feel the best years are ahead for USC as Spurrier has done a great job recruiting and this '09 team is very young.

(G1): Considering the SEC East Division Title has already been clinched by the Gators, what does the returning talent for 2010 look like? Is the returning talent enough to keep Steve off the golf course for a few more months?

(LOHD): This years team has only 6 seniors and the majority is made of freshman and sophmores so the best is yet to come. Spurrier has signed 2 Top 15 classes in the last 3 years and next years is shaping up to be just as good. That is what gets Spurrier out of bed each day, the fact that the best is just around the corner. I feel Spurrier has one recruiting cycle left in him meaning after this season - 4 yrs.

(G1): More to the point of this week’s game: what do you expect to see from your team? What do you hope to see from your team?

(LOHD): I would love to say that I expect a win from Carolina but I have not drank enough to state that claim. I want this game to be close. Please UF no blow out. If Carolina can keep it close, UF has some turnovers and we get a little help from God then we can win this game. One thing is for sure we have a chance and in college football anything can happen. Our defense is one of the best in the nation despite some late season injuries that has caused some depth issues. Still a good bunch that will do their best to slow the run and stop the pass. On offense I just want to see Garcia have success throwing the ball and we need TDs not FGs. Bottom line we need the game to be close going into the 4th quarter for Spurrier to have a chance to get a win vs Urban.

(G1): Where can South Carolina look for a matchup to exploit on Saturday? What advantages can the Gamecocks use to pull the upset, or at least get the nation’s attention?

(LOHD): I think USC has play perfect on Saturday. Every aspect of the game has to go Carolina's way. I think the USC D can disrupt the UF offense and that is what could give SC a chance. But the flip-side is UF is a very good defensive team that presents numerous challenges. I look to USC WR Alshon Jeffery to have success vs the UF Secondary and actually we need him to so the Carolina Gamecocks can get 6 points.

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