Monday, November 09, 2009

10 questions for this week

1.) Bigger surprise, TCU is undefeated and ranked in the top 5 in the BCS, or Oklahoma with 4 loses and not ranked at all.

2.) Since nobody has really taken charge in the Heisman race, is there a chance a Case Keenum or Ryan Mathews can win the Heisman. Ryan Mathews leads the nation in rushing through 10 games?

3.) Bigger upset this weekend, Northwestern over Iowa, or Stanford over Oregon?

4.) It looks like GT will play Clemson in the ACC championship, who you got?

5.) With only a couple games remaining on the Schedule, can Florida and Alabama stay undefeated until there match up in Atlanta for the SEC championship game.? Which team has a better chance of losing a game. Where are there remaining schedules Florida or Alabama

6.) Did Navy seal Charlie Weis’s fate as ND’s coach? Navy only threw the ball 3 times in there game against ND on Saturday compared to Jimmy Clausen’s 51 attempts.

7.) With all the injuries from this past weekend, who would you rather be without for the remainder of the season, start QB or star RB?

8.) Better chance of being a successful coach Spurrier Jr/ Jeff Bowden?

9.) Better conference Mountain West/ ACC?

10.) If the national champion ship game comes down to Cincinnati vs. TCU, will you be disappointed? Will you watch the game?


JR said...

1. TCU over Boise in the top 5 surprises me...
2. Who? Tebow will get it once he breaks the SEC's all time TD record this weekend.
3. Northwestern over Iowa, you knew it would happen soon to Iowa... everyone was talking about Stanford in the Pac 10 landing some blows... just shows you Pac 10 isn't ready to be on the same level as some thought (SEC)
4. Hard not to like Clemson but they may choke their way out of this one yet... I'm guessing NC State lands a blow this weekend or GT stomps them in the game
5. Florida because they play SC at home and we have nothing to lose... we have yet to play a complete game according to players and coaches, why not now? we could really use it and Florida could care less?
6. Um yeah look out ND, Urban is coming to town!
7. RB, you can always pass the ball to win look at Texas tech
8. Spurrier JR
9. MTN west is more exciting
10. Wow talk about a BCS buster! No I could care less about that game, it would destroy the BCS for good....

General Malaise said...

1. Most suprising - that Oklahoma is not ranked. They could be 0-8, and there would be some pollster who said, "yeah, but look who they lost to"

2. Yeah, maybe. Everyone seems real interested in keeping the mid-majors relevant. This would be a good way to do that.

3. Stanford over Oregon. Who didn't see an Iowa loss coming soon?

4. I have yet to meet a Clemson fan who doesn't think they will win in the rematch. It will be terrible; it will be depressing, and Clemson fans will be even more unbearable: Clemson.

5. Yes they can. Florida has a better chance of losing. Their offense is prone to sputter this season. If that happens at the wrong time, watch out.

6. If there was any sanity in South Bend, yes, but from listening to the NBC broadcast it seems that the Irish are the greatest team of all time who has been subject to some officiating conspiracies.

7. Star RB, by a mile. You can live with a backup as long as the line is the same. A backup QB can shrink the playbook and bring the secondary to the line crushing the running game as well.

8. Spurrier, Jr. Where is Jeff again?

9. ACC, but close, very close.

10. I will watch the game, but be very disappointed.

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