Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Spurrier Callin' the Shots Now

Some may say "about time" but what I say is look out! 

Seems Spurrier is ready to address a problem with his cock-n-fire offense since it has not really been that much of a machine as many Carolina fans had dreamed of when he was hired.  Steve Jr, we love ya but Ol' Ball Coach you are not. 

I was glad to read Chris Low yesterday point out the fact that Spurrier needs to take over the play-callin' from every angle.   I know he has been invloved but the "buck needs to begin and end with him" and now it will. 

Mr. Low summed it up -

"The Head Ball Coach not calling the plays and just being “involved in the play-calling” would be like Michael Jordan not taking the game-winning shot and instead being the guy who inbounds the ball."

It will be interesting to see how this plays out with UF in town on Saturday as I am sure the media will pump this little factor up.  But I am glad of the move as I was critical of the play-callin over the last few weeks.  We gain a lot of yards but we can not score the points we need to in order to compete.


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