Friday, November 13, 2009

Gamecocks v Gators Preview/Prediction

The Gamecocks enter the game versus the Gators slumping as it seems that Carolina has not been able to muster up enough points nor quit "shooting themselves" to win games of late.  Will this be different as the nation's number 1 team comes to town?  I don't know but one thing for sure is that I am happy to hear the Spurrier is calling the plays.  I hope to see a difference as SC needs TDs not FGs.  The defense has proved that they are good and will play their hearts out despite lack of depth and injuries. 

So how will this game play out?  Will Spurrier get his second win vs UF?  I am torn with this game b/c I feel Carolina can win the game but the numbers don't add up.  I have read other previews and most say Carolina does not have a chance but something tells me they do.  Of course, Carolina needs UF to do all the wrong things from TOs to mental errors.  Also it will take divine intervention for SC to get the 'W.'  But again something tells me there is a chance. 
Take a look at the stats -

UF Offensive Stats
Points Per Game: 35
Yardage Per Game: 438.67 (198 passing, 240.67 rushing)
Turnovers: 13 (9 fumbles, 4 interceptions)

UF Defensive Stats
Points Allowed Per Game: 10.1
Yardage Allowed Per Game: 232.4 (134.4 passing, 98 rushing)
Turnovers Forced: 18 (12 fumbles, 6 interceptions)

USC can not let those stats get to their heads as this game is a classic trap game for UF.  Carolina is home, which they have won 7 straight.  UF on the road and every road game in the SEC is tough.  UF has already wrapped up the SEC crown so will they be overlooking SC?  I sure hope so.  As I sit in section 301 Saturday, I will be praying for the stars to align.

My prediction is this -  Carolina must will score first, which is a crucial to aid in the confidence area for SC, and UF will respond with a score of their own right away.  From there it will be a game of back and forth.  I envision the game being tight at half due to great SC defense.  The only way Carolina has a chance is for the game to be close at half.  I want to see it around 10-10 or 10-7 UF.  From there it must remain tight and going into the 4Q it needs to be 17-13 UF.  Then enter the magic of Spurrier to draw up the game winning drive to allow USC to escape Willy B for its 1st win vs a #1 by the score of 20-17.

Will I be right?  Or is it more logical to say UF takes care of business and USC just can not hang with the Gators and end up losing 34-17?  I have a feeling this will be a better game than most think.


Anonymous said...

You used the wrong "their"...

"From their it must remain tight and going into the 4Q it needs to be 17-13 UF."

Flounder said...

thanks Anon...made the change.