Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Gamecock Football Practice Set to Begin Today / Thoughts for Day 1

So today marks the start of the USC fall practice, the much anticipated time of year begins and you know LOHD has been thinkin' about this for a long time now.

At 7:30pm tonight, Practice #1 begins and we have prepared you a list of some things we will be curious to watch play out in the first session of what will become a important time of year not only for the new guys but for the veterans due to coaching changes, new philosophies and position battles.

So here is what to watch for in the first practice as this one is open to the public ---

Team Energy/'Fire in the belly'
With this being practice number 1, I am sure you will not see the entire playbook used. Mostly smiles and loosening of the legs. But what I hope you will see is "energy" in their actions and in their faces. I hope we see a determination to reach all the team goals in 2009 and a true team spirit that puts the weak finishing in '07 & '08 behind them and concentrate on '09. Treat each game as they come and no lookin' down the road to UGa.

The Quarterbacks
Should be interesting to watch Garcia today. To see his leadership that I hope shines in '09. Also it will be interesting to see who behind Garcia steps up to be the team's #2 qb and grasb the offense "just in case."

I do not want to see any dragging or sucking wind. I hope all had good individual summer workouts and came ready to the 8/4/09 practice ready to impress. No craps due to poor eating habits.

Attitude on Defense
I want to see them being hungry and ready to shut down opposing offenses. Not saying hurt our offense but I want to see the "fire in the belly" with these guys. They have been a leading "D" for 2 years straight but this schedule does not allow gimmie games or mistakes. I want to see a focus like no other. Also it will be interesting to watch the secondary as some kids will be asked to step up...who will it be?

The Freshmen
Perhaps the best part of the first practice is watching the freshmen. Will Gilmore line up under center? Is Giles ready to be the homerun threat? Will Holloman step up on D? Some of these questions along with how fast they grasp the scheme and come ready to play will be good to watch leading up to the NCSU game.

The 'NEW' and improved Staff
Got several new coaches that will be walking the sidelines and helping these kids become great gamecock players. What will we see different? How will they mesh as a unit and how will that flow over to the team?

Tonight is the first in a series of important practices. The Gamecocks open their season in 30 days and there is little time to waste.

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