Monday, August 03, 2009

Another Update on Givens

This Givens situation is becoming a soap opera. Seems now UNC has backed off Darrell Givens also today just like PSU did per G&B Attack today.

So that leaves USC the likely home right? Pending a academic review of course...I have a feeling this is not over but do hope he lands at Carolina.

Here is how this drama played out over the last week -

I am going to go ahead and predict that he becomes a gamecock and the media will eat this up. The mainstream media will focus on the fact that UNC, PSU and others backed off this kid due to academics and here Carolina is allowing him in. I am sure stories are already in draft form today just waiting for the news to hit the wire. Which to gamecock fans is ridiculous but we can whether the storm just like we did for Eric Norwood. Remember he was on the fence academically and a chance was taken on this kid and see how he turned out.

So stay tuned as you will hopefully see news that he is okay to join USC this week for opening practice and then watch for media bashing to start.

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