Monday, August 03, 2009

Doom and Gloom from Ron Aiken on USC chances in 2009

This article is from the sport section of the Free Times, where Ron Aiken writes a weekly article that can only be matched by the likely hood of our favorite gamecock writer Ron (the hater) Morris.
Ron Aiken has made is pre-season prediction on the eve of practice starting tomorrow, saying that he believes the Gamecocks will only win 3 games this season!!! Please read for yourself and give some honest options as whether or not you believe he is correct or totally lost his mind.

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Snead said...

I used to think Ron was better than that tired, old "I'm a sportswriter so people have to hate me or I'm not doing my job" schtick, but apparently not.

3 wins would be a nightmare scenario, obviously. But anyone with a brain and without a bias who looks at that schedule sees at least five wins.

Predicting three wins, and then saying "Oh, but NEXT year..." is ludicrous. If the Gamecocks only win three, there won't be a "next year" for SOS.