Friday, September 07, 2007

Grading Mic Man...

This year most of you saw a new "Mic Man" leading the Gamecock faithful in the cheers and trying to get everyone pumped up during key plays. Well, we here at LOHD were not impressed by Mic Man 07.....yeah we know it was his first time and all but this guy was not good and brought back the argument about why USC should do away with this type of cheerleading.

At times you could not understand Mr. McCraw whether that was his fault at times or not. Also he seemed a little 'horse' and I guess he was practicing too much and to top it off he screamed too much into the mic which may be solved by increasing the volume from his mic. You may remember LOHD wrote about the new guy awhile back HERE; and now that is first game is behind him we propose one question:

Should the Gamecocks carry on this "tradition" of a male student leading cheers during games?

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dev said...

get rid of him! No more mic man!