Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Blake he's our man, if he can not do it....

Who then you ask? Spurrier still isn't willing to say that fifth-year senior quarterback Blake Mitchell will start Saturday at No. 13 University of Georgia. Smelley and Beecher both had good games and seem able to do the job of a starting QB with some more experience but the job for starting QB against UGA goes to Blake Mitchell hands down. I know right now the media is reporting no answers at QB from Spurrier but we all know that his best guy for the job is Blake.

Put your money on Blake to start the game and play the majority of minutes in the game barring any injury. Why? Well here are three reasons:

1. Experience - Blake is the man with the 'know how' and who has been entrenched in the starting spot going on 3 years now. He can make the reads, call a audible at the line and make the throws that Spurrier expects.

2. Spurrier has confidence in Blake - we saw in the UL-La game that the offensive line has sucked it up and is ready to play...what does that mean...well a healthy, strong line meets offensive production from the "cock n fire" offense. Just look at the last 4 games of the 2006 season to see the results that can be had with a healthy line and a hungry Blake. Mitchell completed 102-of-147 passes (69.4 percent) with 10 touchdowns over the final 18 quarters of the 2006 season. Remember it was not Spurrier's decision to suspend Blake the first game....Spurrier wanted him to play...it was the university policy that clipped the wings of Blake.

3. Blake is hungry - that is right, he is tired of all the doubters...tired of the questions...and ready to play. Look out UGA!

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