Friday, September 07, 2007

come on AP

App state stunned Michigan, and the whole college football world falls apart. What is next South Eastern Louisiana state beating Texas or something? Well now the NCAA has decided to vote Division 1-AA in the AP polls. So where do you put an App State? Kirk Herbstreit said on the Packman show the other day he would rank them somewhere in the mid-80’s, which pretty much fired up every football fan in the state of NC. Granted there are only about 15 of them but they were really fired up. What about Division 2 schools, I am sure they want to jump in on this action, get there name recognized around the country. Say you throw App State up into the top 10, are they really better then the other 109 schools in division 1, how will this affect the BCS ranking which takes an average of all polls. I feel this is another blunder by the NCAA and the AP.

So what would Howard Schnellenberger say about this? What are your thoughts about this? Does anybody really care, since they only play 1 game against a division 1 team?

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thats just assenine