Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Michigan Fallout Fun Continues

Michigan, previously #5, has dropped out of both the USAToday and AP polls.

Miss Teen SC, who everyone was laughing at until Michigan took her place has graciously offered to explain what happened. Garnet and Black Attack reports "The reason that Michigan players from America didn't do is because South Africa and should spread offense Michigan like such as maps blocked kick."

At the Georgia game, students painted "HA MICHIGAN" across their backs.

Reaction in Michigan was, understandably, severe. Maize and Brew explains how he now understands The Day the Music Died. Brian, at MGoBlog, one of the more influential blogs around, tendered the unconditional surrender of the Michigan fans. Also notice the nice new artwork at the top of the blog.

Lloyd Carr, lame duck Michigan coach, has been spotted seeking out alternative means to accomplish his goals. (HT From the Hedges)

The latest in hysterical reactions has been a proposal to ban AA batteries in Ann Arbor. Gump for Heisman has the story.

What was your favorite part about Michigan losing?


Moose said...

At least Michigan is the 2nd best AA school.

strom thermos said...

let's hope Furman was watching and can do the same against clemson in two weeks!!!

Party like a rock star said...

You mean week 3

don't over look UL- Monroe

strom thermos said...

hey party two weeks is week 3 so we are both right just phrased differently....