Monday, January 04, 2010

Birmingham Bust Bowl

2010 started out with a bang for the Gamecocks. First, the game...ugh.  Second, the venue.
Birmingham is a dump people, not sure what the appeal is.  Why have a bowl here?  And could it be colder for a game? The city was not prepared for the number of people ascending on there city for the bowl game. Legion Field is also a dump and was a nightmare. The stadium is right smack dab in the middle of the Birmingham Ghetto.  Again why is this a venue?

I am going to list the highlights of my trip to Birmingham ---

1.) The Gamecock Fans showed up in full force to support what we hoped was a improving football team.

2.) Uconn fans were very nice, not very knowledgeable about college football, but they could sure tell you about the New England Patriots.

3.) Alabama white BBQ sauce.  The bartender at Moe's Original was probably the coolest guy I met on the trip. He hooked up our group with a free platter to sample since there were already closed. Thanks again for the hospitality, it was by far the best BBQ I had in Birmingham.

4.) Coming out of Legion field shocked that my car was not broken into and still had all four wheels attached. I hope Birmingham is grateful, as the bowl will keep there city's economy alive for another year.

5.) The bus to Dreamland - which showed up out of nowhere to take us to restaurant from downtown, as the homeless guy gave us pretty bad directions.

6.)  Legion Field selling beer at the game - which was awesome until the cops told them to stop serving beers in cans. Of course they were out of cups by the 3rd quarter, so the beer people would just give you cans when the cops were not looking.

I will have to make a list of my disappointments about Birmingham when I have a couple of hours to type them they tuned.....


Mike Grant, said...

A little harsh brother...the stadium is old but it has a lot of history. Downtown Birmingham is not a dump, it's unspectacular, but it's not a dump. The people of Birmingham were very warm...of course the Huskies won, so maybe I'm seeing the trip from a different angle.
We can agree on one thing...Moe's. Is. Awesome.

Good luck in 2010.

Moose said...


Downtown Birmingham was a ghost town, we arrived about noon on Friday, and we didn't see a soul until we arrived at our Hotel once we got off the highway. Legion Field does have a lot of football history but it is run down and has not been upgraded or taken care of.

Good win for the Huskies I truly underestimated your team.

Mike Grant said...

Thanks Moose, good luck in 2010, you guys have a shot at the East...

By the way, what do you make of Spurrier's decision to go for the
4th and 1 from your own 32, in the first quarter ?

Moose said...


Overall I felt the game was poorly coached on the USC side. The 4th and 1 yard play was just icing on the cake. There were some questionable calls by Spurrier through out the game. I don't know what it is about our offense but something just isn't right. Most fans will tell you that it is the offensive line which has been a major problem since SOS has been at USC. We are going to continue to have then problems until we get a SEC quality offensive line.

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