Saturday, January 09, 2010

Sharrif Floyd Chooses Gators over Gamecocks

Gamecocks lost out on a big time recruit today when DT Sharrif Floyd chose to pursue a college career at the University of Florida over the Gamecocks.

We all knew our chances to land the big guy were slim going into today but there was a outside chance.  I guess it was good to at least be considered by a big time recruit like this but would love to start landing some of these guys.  Fulton last week, Floyd this week...hope Lattimore bucks the trend and becomes a Gamecock.

Losing Floyd and Fulton hurts "double" due to the fact that South Carolina has to play these teams in the future.

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gamecock man said...

I so wanted this guy to be a Gamecock. He would have been a four-year starter; should have chosen us.