Thursday, January 07, 2010

USC Gamecocks RB Jarvis Giles will return in '10

Good news gamecocks fans as it was learned yesterday that the "Giles transfer" rumor was just that.  Seems he, and most, were highly disappointed with the bowl game performance and nothing should be assumed by his actions in leaving the field to early after the 20-7 loss to UConn.

Jarvis Giles will compete with Kenny Miles and Brian Maddox for the starting job next season (and maybe Lattimore?). 

In 2009, he finished the season with 52 carries for 298 yards and one touchdown. He averaged over five yards a carry. He also had ten catches for 26 yards.  He is a great back and most likely will factor into the 2010 plans as I am sure a committee approach will be used again in '10.

Gald to hear it!  Go Cocks!

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