Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Gamecocks Moe Brown Arrested in June 2009?

Seems Moe Brown, Gamecocks WR, has some more explaining...first there is the news of fighting with coaches and now news of gun charges?  Moe, what is up man?

Here is what THE STATE wrote today ---
USC senior receiver and team captain Moe Brown was arrested on a gun charge after being stopped for speeding near campus in June, three months before his final season.

Brown, who played his final game Saturday in a 20-7 loss to Connecticut in the Bowl, was stopped by Columbia police for doing 70 miles an hour in a 35-mph zone on Blossom Street.

Officers found a black "hi-point" pistol under the passenger’s seat, according to a copy of the incident report obtained by The State.

Brown was charged with possession of a firearm, speeding and driving without insurance, although SLED records show only the speeding and insurance charges -- both misdemeanors.
Highly disappointed further in ya Moe as you were suppose to be a senior leader.  He contributed 33 receptions for 491 yards and three touchdowns,but had this arrest come to light earlier would he have been allowed to play?  Fortunately for USC, that didn’t happen until Wednesday.

Oh and why are we just finding out about this now?  Is there a cover up taking place.......hmmm gotta dig further on this.....stay tuned.....

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