Sunday, November 01, 2009

Mumme Poll Ballot - Week 9

Mumme Poll here.  Again, the Mummepoll requires you to rank the top five teams and then just select, in any order, the next seven. This intent is for a more original polling format.

1. Florida

Solid destruction of Georgia locks up SEC East and spot in SEC Championship BCS Play-in Game.

2. Alabama

Off week to prepare for game with LSU, their last real obstacle to a Championship match-up with Florida.

3. Texas

Finally starting to look like the Top 5 team we thought they could be.

4. LSU

Dismantled Tulane. Meh.

5. Oregon

Dismantled Southern Cal. Impressive.
Georgia Tech

Game against Vanderbilt stayed close longer than it should have.


Game against Indiana stayed close longer than it should have.


Blew out UNLV. This is what should be done to inferior opponents.


No compelling reason to put them in the Top 5, but no rational argument to keep them out of the Top 12.

Boise State

Oregon win looks better again this week.

Penn State and Ohio State

Not so sure they belong here, but they are because no one else really has the resume to be here either.

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Moose said...

Here is my top five from my Mumme Poll Ballot.

1.) Florida
2.) Texas
3.) Bama
4.) Iowa
5.) Cincinnati