Thursday, November 05, 2009

More on Culliver issue - truth be told

Well the truth is out about Chris Culliver and his injury/discpline issue. It was already announced earlier this week that Culliver would not be making the trip to Arkansas with the team this week because of a shoulder/disciplinary reason. Seems USC defensive coordinator/defensive backs coach Lorenzo Ward along with Spurrier shed more light on the issue today.

Culliver's shoulder injury caused Ward to decide that Culliver wasn’t in good enough shape to play safety so on Monday he told Culliver that he was going to move him to corner back this week. Culliver didn’t take the news well. According to one report he actually walked off the field after he was told of the switch.

Because of his reaction and his shoulder problem Ward and Steve Spurrier decided to leave Culliver in Columbia this weekend. Which is the right call! Good job coaches as this is the type crap that caused some poor playing over the years and if these guys are not playing "team" ball then ride the pine. I hope Chris figures things out and hope to see him in the UF or CU game but come back to the team with the right attitude please.

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