Monday, November 02, 2009

10 questions for this week

1.) Oregon a top 5 team?
2.) Does Southern Cal deserve to be in the top 15 after its 2nd lose of the season?

3.) After week 9, who has the best shot at making the National Championship game, Cincinnati, Boise State or TCU?

4.) What should the SEC do to Brandon Spikes for his dirty play in this past weekend’s game against Georgia?

5.) Who is hotter the Classic Erin Andrews or ESPN’s new girl Jenn Brown?

6.) Ugliest shade of Orange?

7.) Favorite Halloween costume from Saturday?

8.) Who is your Heisman favorite after 9 weeks?

9.) If the Big 12 North Champion is 6-6 and loses to Texas in the Big 12 Championship, they will end up being 6-7 and missing a bowl. What can the Big 12 do to make the North a better conference? Follow up from last week, they need all the help they can get.

10.) Better game this weekend PSU vs. Ohio State or LSU vs. Bama?


JR said...

1. maybe let see how they finish out
2. not really but espn already moved out to LA
3. Boise st that Oregon game is paying off
4. what dirty play this is football not Ballet
5. ? who is Jenn Brown
6. clemson's
7.Kenny Powers - this guy was the real thing
8. Tebow
9. put OK over there
10. LSU bama ...

Moose said...


Jenn Brown is a former Bikini model ESPN has hired to work college games. She as a saturday show on ESPN U called Gameday Road Trip.

General Malaise said...

1. No. Top 5 teams don't lose to Boise State.

2. No. They are living on hype and preseason expectations.

3. Cincy, because they are coming from a BCS conference, but it would take a lot for any of them to get there.

4. Let Florida handle it. It's not part of a pattern of behavior, and we only want the SEC doling out discipline in rare instances.

5. I kinda like this new girl.

6. I should say Clemson, but I think Tennessee's pale orange is worse.

7. The decapitated Ted Williams from deadspin.

8. Mark Ingram.

9. Outlaw the forward pass to bring Nebraska back to dominance.

10. LSU v. Bama. Who wants to watch the Big 10?

jr said...

hmm she is nice where is her "video" then i will tell you for sure ha ah!

Moose said...


here you go

LeakBrewerGator said...

1. No. The top5 is reserved for unbeatens right now.

2.Yes. They're still talented enough to beat anyone. If Miami can be ranked in the top 15 after 2 losses, so can the Trojans.

3.Cincinnati. They're in a BCS conference.

4.Nothing. Florida is handling it internally. It's something that happens all the time in dog piles and Spikes was just unlucky enough to get caught.

5.E.A. She's a Gator!

6.Whatever the hell shade Tennessee calls their Orange. I call it Creamsicle.

7.Like J.R., it would be Kenny Powers. One of my friends dressed up like him and he OWNED it!

8.Of course it's Tebow.

9.Nothing. This was supposed to be Kansas' year to be competitive, but that's down the drain. Maybe if Blaine Gabbert is the real deal, Mizzou can put up a fight with the South.

10.LSU V. Bama. It's not even close.