Saturday, November 07, 2009

5 Keys for a Gamecocks Win Today v Arkansas Razorbacks

Time to unleash the Gamecocks!

I hope you had the time to read my preview/prediction and also my opinion piece before today.  As LOHD always does we like to lay out to the "5 keys to a win" and here goes...

1.  Don't Hurt Yourself Carolina --- let's avoid the turnovers on offense today and please no dumb flags either.  If Carolina can avoid dumb mental errors then they will find success on the offense side of the ball.

2.  Pass Protection for Garcia --- he needs time to pick apart the Ark-kansas defense.  SC ranks 94th in nation in allowing 2.67 sacks per game.  I hope to see zero with a determined performance from the SC O line.

3.  USC D must step up --- SC ranks 76 in nation against the run and allows 153.33 yds per game and I hope to see improved play in stopping the run today.  Michael Smith can not be allowed to run up and down the field on USC.  USC has to stop Mallet is that simple.  They have get at him and pressure him.  Force him to make mistakes....check how USC ranks on D -
  • Pass Efficiency Defense ranks 21 in the nation with a rating of 106.10
  • Total Defense ranks 16 in nation with allowing 294.67 yds per game
  • Scoring Defense ranks 25 in nation allowing 19.00 pts per game
  • Pass Defense ranks 3rd in nation with allowing only 141.33 per game
  • Sacks rank is 54th with 2.11 per game
  • Tackles For Loss ranks T-52 with 5.89 per game
4.  Unleash the Gamecocks O --- I want to see the gamecocks move the ball.  Anyway is fine with me but to win this game SC will have to have TDs not just FGs.  Spurrier needs to find ways to move the ball and get it to the playmakers - Alshon, Gurley, Moe and Saunders.  Don't be afraid to throw the deep ball to keep UA honest.

5.  "Fire in the Belly" --- been saying this for years.  I want to see Carolina come out wanting this game and playing at a high level.  I know it is early but I want to see how bad they want it in their attitude, swagger and performance.  Don't take a single play off and get after it!

Still think Carolina 31-23...thoughts?

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gamecock man said...

I think your score projection is about right. Might be a little closer than what you're saying, but I do see us scoring in the low 30s and ARK scoring in the mid- to high-20s.

Big game today. Can't really overestimate how important this one is.