Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gamecocks 2010 Football Schedule - Revised

Here is the complete revised 2010 Gamecock football schedule:

Thursday, September 2 vs Southern Miss

Saturday, September 11 vs Georgia

Saturday, September 18 vs Furman

Saturday, September 24 at Auburn

Saturday, October 2 Bye

Saturday, October 9 vs Alabama

Saturday, October 16 at Kentucky

Saturday, October 23 at Vanderbilt

Saturday, October 30 vs Tennessee

Saturday, November 6 vs Arkansas

Saturday, November 13 at Florida

Saturday, November 20 vs Troy

Saturday, November 27 at Clemson

Thoughts or early 2010 predictions anyone??


Cocktail said...

This is the kind of schedule we should play year end and year out. Get rid of SCState! Do I need to say more about that?

Anonymous said...

thanks!; couldn't find this info (in total) anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

I think we should drop Furman and Troy, and put in harder teams like maybe someone like Louisville, or Wisconsin for the 3rd game, and a team like either BYU or Penn State before Clemson.

gamecock king said...

souther miss and Troy are usually the best teams in the conference. I do agree that playing a team from the big 10 or Big East would be nice every couple of years. Keep the fan base happy, especially when we are paying good money to go see Florida Atlantic and SC state.

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge gamecock fan, but come on guys. do you seriously want to play a team like byu and penn state when we struggle to beat teams like vanderbilt, and nc state? we'll be lucky to beat troy and furman and so miss. You guys are getting upset to pay good money to see them play teams like sc state and fau, teams that they actually beat, but you would rather play good money to see them get stomped by the likes of wisconsin, or penn state? come on guys that's ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

a real fan would not say stupid comments like that i am a true fan win or lose.

Anonymous said...

I like the fact that we finally have an off week earlier in the season and the fact that we have Troy towards the end of the season...That will break up the usual brutal finish of Tenn, Ark, Fla, and the Taters!

Anonymous said...

I say we'll be 9&3 ... 8&4 at the worst. I think we can handle Southern Miss, Georgia, Furman, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Arkansas and Clemson.

Anonymous said...

I say we'll be 9&3 ... 8&4 at the worst. I think we can handle Southern Miss, Georgia, Furman, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Arkansas, Troy and Clemson.

Anonymous said...

Basically as good as it gets if you are in the SEC. Bulk of the tougher conference games at home. Not our fault UNC ran away from our game and ESPN/UNC got us SoMiss. Still a decent test right in the beginning of the season to get us firing on all cylinders. Love those Gamecocks, here's to a bowlgame victory, Lattimore and all our recruits making it in, then an epic season next year!

Mike said...

9-3. No question.