Monday, September 14, 2009

10 questions for this week

1.) Does Michigan deserve to be in the top 25 after beating ND?
2.) Who will Lane Kiffin blame the loss to UCLA on, Jonathan Crompton?
3.) Better coach Charlie Weis or Ty Willingham?
4.) After 2 weeks of football, the better conference is ACC or Mountain West?
5.) Rivals top 5 players coming out of high school in 2007 were Jimmy Clausen, Joe McKnight, Eric Berry, Ryan Mallett and Carlos Dunlap. After knowing how each of their careers have gone so far, which player would you take as your first pick to start a program.
6.) Do you consider the Big 12 to be overrated, especially after 2 of their top 3 teams have lost non-conference games in the first 2 weeks of the season.
7.) After watching Michigan beat ND last week, do you think they have a chance of beating OSU and winning the Big 10?
8.) If BYU/TCU/Utah, Boise State, or Cincinnati goes undefeated, do they deserve to play in the National Championship game?
9.) Will Colorado win a game this year?
10.) What would Tim Tebow do if he was Willy Korn?


JR said...

1. NO who did ND beat... Exactly...
2. Blame it on rain cause it started falling... Florida is going to Tim tebow that ho!
3. Charlie Weis
4. Mountain West unless Miami beats OU then look out
5. Jimmy Clausen you can never replace a great QB... to bad jimmy plays for ND...
6. No they are still close behind the SEC Texas will play Florida
7. No there is That team in Happy Valley that will win the Big ten if OSU doesn't
8. hell no the only reason why they win BCS games is because teams like OU and Bama don't care when they aren't in the NC... lets face it you don't go around bragging about how you beat up a girl.. its a lose, lose situation for the real schools..
9. What happened to them seriously?
10. Circumcise himself...

penny said...

1-absolutely-ranking any and all non deserving teams helps validify the fact we need a playoff-why i love spurrier penciling in duke #1 every year
2-phil fullmer-lane lost with players he didnt recruit
3-ty, notice the slide after the new england film scandle? t.w. would have won the national championship if he'd been cheating
4-not even up for debate-acc marquis matchup so far has been miami/fsu. state looked like cardinal newman in the jax st game this weekend
5-my boy lou says " defenth winth championthipth"-eric berry
7-wouldve said yes till osu hung with so cal, penn st or osu will take big 10
8-sure, just to get violated by the sec
9-hawkins and al groh will be out by week 6
10-trade his spikes for socks and sandals