Friday, July 25, 2008

10 ways USC could recruit better in the future...

LOHD understands that USC coaches and recruits are busy this time of year sorting through the recruiting miss so here are 10 ways USC could recruit better in the future -

1. Don't lose to Vanderbilt at HOME when you are a double digit favorite. We were out-hustled, out-played, and (gasp) out-coached that day, plain and simple by a team with inferior talent at many positions.

2. Don't go on a five game losing streak after being ranked at #6 in the country, blowing at least two leads LATE in the UT and CU games.

3. Never be ranked #12 in run defense in the SEC EVER AGAIN!

4. Sell the "it's never been done here" approach better. Many athletes love a challenge, and USC playing for the SEC East would be a START.

5. Get rid of the "here we go again" folks. Losing is contagious, just as winning is. When you expect to succeed often you will, when you're waiting for the BS "chicken curse" to ruin your season, it more than likely will.

6. Get PSLs and capital campaign going ASAP. Begin to release some positives on our capital fund raising to the public. I know we have had many LARGE contributions, but only one or two have been made public. Facilities really need addressing and Hyman seems to be on the ball here. At least we have plans, now we need to SEE some of these projects breaking ground.

7. Use Spurrier's name recognition, his impeccable past (NO NCAA investigations ANYWHERE he's been), ACC (Duke)and SEC (UF) championships, the # of former players in the pros (offense and defense) - the NFL has many players that learned the game under his system.

8. Don't ever get out-worked by your in-state rival. They will get their share of in-state talent, but they shouldn't get guys by out-working our coaches. If we have coaches that don't like to recruit, then they're in the wrong damn profession!

9. If other schools use negative recruiting against us, then retaliate in kind. If Tommy is selling you can't win at Carolina, then remind recruits that he has an illustrious 3-5 mark in bowl games, and has NEVER qualified for an ACC championship berth, MUCH LESS played for one in NINE YEARS, and check out the offensive players that have flourished in his system enough to succeed in the NFL? WR, QB, OL, TE, RB (names anyone??)

10. Try and recruit kids that won't embarrass Carolina. The off the field issues, I would have to think, have caused us to lose several recruits, with Jaron Brown being rumored to be one of those. Once we get these athletes on campus, someone needs to do a better job of explaining not what's expected but what is DEMANDED for personal conduct. What kids need to realize that their actions not only effect them, they effect USC as a whole. Doing the right thing should not be that damn hard!

I know some of the above has improved and you know what we can only get better! Go Cocks!

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