Wednesday, July 23, 2008

2009 Gamecock Football Schedule Set

Here is the 2009 Gamecock Football Schedule that was released last week....

Sept. 3 – at N.C. State (Thur.)
Sept. 12 – at Georgia
Sept. 26 – OLE MISS
Oct. 10 – KENTUCKY
Oct. 17 – at Alabama
Oct. 31 – at Tennessee
Nov. 7 – at Arkansas
Nov. 14 – FLORIDA
Nov. 21 – Off
Nov. 28 - CLEMSON
* Home Games in Caps


Vaughn said...


Anonymous said...

possible 10 win season. if we play our hearts out, and our QB aint suckin it up.

Anonymous said...

more like possible 6 win season...cuz USuCk is one keg party away from not having a QB next year. haha

Anonymous said...

13-1 mark it down

Anonymous said...

I can see us going 9-3 this year. We always seem to lose to someone we're supposed to beat. Also,I think we'll beat Georgia, but the likely loses will be to Ole Miss and FLA.

Anonymous said...

hey we are going fuckin 12-0

Anonymous said...

There is no way we will go 12-0, I think the VERY best we could do is 9-3. In the first 6 games we will lose to either UGA or Ole Miss. Bama is a great program... at T-Town... Well... And Im not afraid to go ahead and pencil and L into the Florida match up considering they are returning Tebow and the entire defense. Umm can anyone say National Championship?

Anonymous said...

I believe that SC State has replaced the Citadel on the schedule. As always we have a tough schedule and I believe that Ole Miss, Florida, and Alabama are going to be the toughest. I just hope that our guys go out there and play their best. Win or Lose, I will be proud as long as they do that.

Nik said...

you gotta just take it for what it is. every year we carolina fans expect an honorable 9-3 win season. but at the end of the year were walkin around with our heads low cause we get the same thing every year. a 7 win season to 8 win season maybe. alabama, ole miss, florida are 3 losses. then theres the possible loss to either tennesee, or vanderbilt. and it dosent matter what the record clemson plays us tough. 7-5 or 8-4 and thats a good year.

Gator said...


Gerald C said...

If Carolina wins 5, then expect snow on Christmas.

Anonymous said...

we're totally gonna kick ass this season cause smelley doesnt play for us anymore.
garcia is twice the qb Cullen Harper is.