Monday, August 04, 2008

Throw Bart Wright and Ron Morris

under the bus....
After having to deal with this over the weekend from Ron now our other least favorite sports editorial writer - Bart Wright - pens this today - HERE. I will simply post the first line of the article from today and let you click for the begins like this:

"Until something changes for more than one week, one month or one year, the football story at the University of South Carolina will always be about the past."

Both Bart and Ron make me sick! We have touched on Bart before and we here at LOHD are sick of it! USC fans need to raise hell over the media bias that exists in this state when dealing with USC. You can not tell me that it is 'fair and balanced;' both schools have faults and have fallen short in the past....come on....clemson as the media darling is getting old!

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