Thursday, August 07, 2008

what to watch

Just want to remind everybody to set your TiVo or DVR, because the University of South Carolina Gamecock football preview will air tonight at 7:00 on Fox sports south. This will be a 30 minute special, giving a full preview of the gamecock gridiron squad. If you really don’t have a lot going on tonight, the Clemson Preview will air at 7:30.

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jr said...

This aired last night in the charlotte area and it wasn't anything special... If you aren't a rabid fan than this is for you... its got a guy from the ACJ (yeah bud please tell me something I don’t know) in there reporting things that are old news and nothing much of new substance… This report is so dated you would think Norwood was still at DL and Freeman was at WR along with Culliver... if you’re looking for a generalized recap with a mild prediction of us having a top 5 sec defense, than this is your show!