Friday, July 11, 2008

LOHD dislikes Bart Wright.....for the record

Bart Wright, sports writer for the Greenville News, is not on our favorite list here at LOHD...well let's be honest here....we just don't like the guy. He has such a narrow view of clemson and usc sports that it is ridiculous. He thinks Clemson can do no wrong and Tommy is "half-god." He feels USC is worthless and the real sad part of all this is the Greenville News allows him to write such bias/unbalanced columns each week. In my many years reading his columns, I have only agreed with one column he wrote and it was about how Tommy Bowden is not the right coach to lead klempson to a BCS title (true).

I will stop there....check this crap out on what he writes today -


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