Sunday, August 03, 2008

Spurrier fires back

Our pal at BarnYardian has the excerpt from the Spurrier Press Conference up on his site that deals with Coach Spurrier firing back at Ron Morris about this at today's media is classic Spurrier. I have to agree with BarnYardian that it is great to see Spurrier firing back concerning some of the crap going on lately with the media and CU sites. Seems he is getting fired up with 25 days till kickoff.....

Here is the exchange and all the props to BarnYardian -

-Ron Morris asks a question about running back depth.....

-Spurrier: "I thought you were more worried about the 3rd string QB getting into school two weeks earlier....that was just stupid...just being honest."

-Ron has no comment

-Spurrier: "No I just thought you'd ask about that, seems like you'd think that was more important. But anyway, what was your question."

-Ron: RB depth?

-Spurrier: "Sorry to go off track there, just thought the article was stupid." Spurrier then proceeds to touch on RB depth.....


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