Monday, December 24, 2007

LOHD Christmas List

'Tis the season and for the most part we here at the LOHD have all of our shopping done but we do have a few things left on our list that we hope Santa can bring us in 2008.
Here are 10 things still on our list that we are wishing for in 2008:

1. A 8+ win season for the USC Football team and trip to a new's year day bowl.
2. A trip to the NCAA tourney for the USC Men's basketball team.
3. The USC Baseball Team goes to Omaha in 08.
4. USC beats clemson in football, basketball and baseball in 2008.
5. Van Groder and the USC defense is ranked in the top 10 for total defense in 2008; also Ray Rychleski and the USC Special Teams does not allow a blocked punt ever again against clemson or any other team for that matter.
6. Penny gets EMT of the Year and never gets pee-d on again.
7. "Where's Waldo" books are scrapped for "Where's Rishi" books.
8. JR completes a sentence without using a curse word.
9. USC does away with the "Mic Man" thing for good.
10. Dev's "bowtie" chili gets picked up by Campbell's soup for a new product.

What else should be on the list? Feel free to add............

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Cash said...

Cashwell finds a job, so he never has to crash on anyone's couch ever again!