Friday, December 28, 2007

Vacation is over, time to get back to work

Well it is good to be back in South Carolina, hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas and is now ready for some bowl games and college basketball. What happened to Football on Christmas, I had to watch the NBA for the first time in a couple years on the big day.

Did anybody see the article in The State today about USC reporting 10 violations to the NCAA. My favorite violation was “men’s basketball players received “an impermissible snack” before practice”. What kind of snack was it, yogurt, animal crackers, big mac? If anybody knows please give me a heads up.

Last night before the Holiday bowl, I watched the 1st half of the UNC game against Nevada, Tyler Hansbrough is my vote for Douche bag of the year. If the ACC officials would call a foul on this guy, he wouldn’t be that good. Last night in the first half alone he should have had 4 fouls that were never called. I hate when basketball officials give the good teams all the calls, if it had been Dominique Archie flopping around trying to take those charges, he would have fouled out in the first half.

Finally the Leftover Hot Dog Gamecock basketball spot light of the week

This week it is Mitchell Carter

Check out these career stats as a gamecock

Rebounds: 3 vs. UNCA (12/28/06)
Blocks: 1 vs. Georgia (2/10/07)
Steals: 1 at Georgia (1/10/07), Kentucky (1/16/07)
FG Attempts: 1 vs. UNCA (12/28/06), vs. Kentucky (1/16/07)
Minutes Played: 9 at Georgia (1/10/07)


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you might want to get on the verbal joist that is currently going on with Clemson and USC...

See story here...

Phil fuckpott started talking shit... and then we answered...

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and here