Thursday, December 27, 2007

Some reading for the "back to work" blues

This article pisses us off here at the LOHD. I know it was written the day before Christmas but we are just now getting around to reading it. Some may say that the "truth" hurts but I truly feel that Spurrier has something good brewing in Columbia. He is in it for the long haul and will complete what he set out for - a SEC title. It may not be in 08 but I think by 2010 USC will be playing for the title....what do you think of the ESPN article?

Here is a sample of what it says:

"With Spurrier set to turn 63 (albeit a young 63) next spring, you can't help but wonder how much longer he will hang around if he sees that winning a championship at South Carolina just isn't going to happen. The Gamecocks will be better next season, but so will Florida, Georgia and Tennessee. Here's something else to consider: The five-game stretch that led to South Carolina's undoing this season is the same next season … with one notable exception."

Oh, and This article is interesting as it highlights what each player gets for being part of a team that goes to a bowl game.

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