Monday, December 04, 2006

10 things from this weekend….

10.) Obie will eat anything at 3:00 in the morning after drinking all night, just ask Gail. While you at it, Ask Gail about the tip Tom-tom left here on Friday night.

9.) Don’t hold up a game of pool if penny is next in line
8.) The liberty bowl is better then no bowl.
7.) Dev’s birthday trumps a bachelor party
6.) Is there a better time to piss the bed then on your bachelor party?
5.) Tick is in Texas, (everything is big in Texas, just like ticks head.)
4.) Never grab a striper’s ass, unless you expect to get tossed to the curb.
3.) Who the hell would throw a pancake?
2.) Worst college basketball team- South Carolina
1.) Never leave steaks unattended at Boz’s house…….

If you have any questions please advise, I would love to embellish the story for you.


A-Dubs said...

Wow...wild times?

penny said...

also, if youre going to fall down the stairs, make sure your morning wood falls out of your boxers. it makes for a funnier story

old said...

lesson learned from weekend. if you have to shit, for love of God take a crap. do not try and hold it for the comfort of your own toilet, bc you will feel the wrath of hell if you do.

Moose said...

True that k-fed, you looked like you were in some pain yesterday