Wednesday, December 06, 2006

So who is the worst of 06?

So which team this year is to be considered the worst college football team of 2006?

Here are the nominees for this award:

  • Duke at 0-12
  • Florida International at 0-12
  • Utah State at 1-11
  • Stanford at 1-11
  • Temple at 1-11
  • Eastern Michigan at 1-11

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Anonymous said...

gotta go with FIU

Moose said...

FIU, fight for your right to be the worst

got your ass whooped by Miami

Gray said...

It has to be Duke who lost to a Miami team that had almost there entire 1st team suspened.

penny said...

yeah, but duke had the darkest quarterback of all time named thadeus and he was good...they were hanging with wake back in the begining of the season before he got cheap-shotted and his leg got ripped off. lets go with eastern michigan...aside from central mich this year the directional mich teams always finish at the bottom. consistency in being terrible