Friday, December 01, 2006

Something to think about tonight

Well with Matt C. bachelor party quickly approaching I figured I would try and make a guide to stripe clubs. Every bachelor party has its moments and most of the time, those moments take place in adult entertainment venues. So I figured I would compile a list of things you should not do in a strip club…… If you have done one of these please explain later, while I laugh my ass off.

1.) The first thing you should never do is pay with a debit or credit card, or us a ATM inside of a stripe club- Get money before hand, it will save you a small fortune in the long run.

2.) Never as a bouncer for any kind of drugs, including but not limited too (cocain, marijuana, X or my favorite Viagra)

3.) Never say, I will show you mine if you show me yours (hint- there job is to show you there’s with out having to see yours- ( I have been guilty of this a couple times)

4.) Never put a twenty into a dancer's G-String, and ask for change

5.) Never ask. Do I need cash for a blow job, or can I trade cocaine?"

6.) When the dancer gets completely naked shout stage dive!

7.) Never ask a striper if there outfits come in your size

8.) Never fold your bills into origami penises before stuffing them into the girls g-strings

9.) Never give a striper your phone number and tell them you will take care of them for ever (bad idea)

10.) Never ask for a “Lap dance to-go”

See you boys tonight, be ready to party


rishi said...

Never eat out a stripper, what was I thinking?

Anonymous said...

who the hell is rishi?

Anonymous said...

never steal the strippers hard earned dollars, unless she or the bouncer is not looking.

rishi said...

I was waiting for somebody to call out K-Fed

the dancer that k-fed stole from said...

i asked k-fed hey man your turn to get us a couple of beers... he replied hangon let me go up to stage for a sec....

penny said...

dont let willy p challenge the strippers to a 'who has the smallest nipples' contest. it turns into a 'why are my nipples innies instead of outies' freakshow