Saturday, December 09, 2006

Let's take a look...

At USC men's basketball team so far this season.

Through 7 games the offense is lacking and is the problem as wintessed by LOHD blogger Moose. I know Dave Odom is a fan of the Hooiser (the movie) style of basketball with the 3 passes before a shot (at least it seems that way). This season so far is marked with a clear sore spot --our offense. They are dead last in the SEC in scoring offense averaging 65.1 points per game. They are last in the SEC in Team FG % at 42.3%. They are last in SEC 3 point shooting at 27.5 %, having attempted 142 shots from behind the arc which is the 6th most in the SEC but second to last in making them at 39 3 pt FG made. There is a bright spot and that is Free Throw shooting were the Gamecocks are cashing in 72% of the time, which ranks them 2nd in the league as a team.

The gamecocks are lead by Tre Kelley and Brandon Wallace in most stat categories. They are not the problems, the problem lies in the rest of the team not producing. This could make for a long season for Gamecock basketball fans. Defense is doing well, like always but we could use a injection of stellar offensive playing. And yes I said "stellar."

I hope for Christmas Dave Odom has asked Santa for some O-Fence!

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Moose said...

Odom should probably ask for some big men for the upcoming SEC schedule as well.