Sunday, December 13, 2009

Wolf gone --- Youngstown State Media Outlets Reporting Gamecocks Wolford to be named Head Coach?

LOHD Breaking News

Eric Wolford is out at USC.....

Rumors of Eric Wolford becoming the next Head Coach at Youngstown State are getting stronger and seems it is a done deal now that a TV station in the YSU area (WYTV 33) is reporting .....

"Multiple sources close to the YSU program say that Ursuline High School product Eric Wolford is set to be hired as the next head football coach at Youngstown State."

Along with that news source, another - 21 WFMJ- is reporting the same "breaking news" that Wolford will be named YSU coach this week and likely Tuesday.  Wolford has a three-year contract with the Gamecocks with two years remaining at $200,000 per year.  He is expected to sign a five-year contract with Youngstown State, with the final salary expected to be in the $250,000 range.

Eric Wolford is currently the Running Game Coordinator/Offensive Line Coach at the University of South Carolina and  would be sorely missed if this proves true. 

I hate to see him leave Carolina as he has improved the line from last year and has a great crop of OL talent coming in to the program next year.

If this is just another rumor then I feel Eric Wolford needs to issue a statement first thing Monday that he intends to stay with Carolina, us fans (and potential recruits) need to know the truth.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

wow...LOHD broke this story before THE STATE, The Big Spur or any other site did.....good job.

I am sold now and will read more!

Moose said...

Wolford is a good up and coming coach. It was only a matter of time before he moved on to be a offensive coordinator or Head coach. I am sure having the chance to go back home was a plus as well. From what I am hearing there are a lot of good o-line coaches out there looking for jobs. Maybe Carolina can get on the ball and hire someone before the bowl game to save face with some of these recruits.

Anonymous said...

Our sources tell us Eric Wolford told the South Carolina coaching staff he was not going to take the YSU job until yesterday afternoon when YSU offered more money for the assistant coaches and potential bonus money. Our sources tell us the Wolford’s salary was not an issue. We hear that as of early last night, Wolford had not officially accepted the job, however, we do hear Wolford and the YSU athletic director will speak shortly and Wolford is expected to accept the job. Wolford did fly to Youngstown this morning.