Tuesday, December 15, 2009

King Cry Baby

Well the story of the PC fan that was removed from the game last Saturday against UNC has now made national news.

If you haven't heard or seen the video of Roy "King Tar-Baby" Williams get a Presbyterian College fan thrown out of the game for yelling "Miss it Dion" while he was shooting a free throw. Just like any story there are 2 sides, well Roy isn't saying much about his side of the story. The PC fan Brian King has now come out and said his side of the story. UNC fans will have you believe that he said racial slurs towards Dion and the North Carolina team. They will also have you believe that he was drunk out of his mind.

Per Kings story neither of these comments are true and he is now trying to save face with the media.

This reminds me of a Kentucky game a few years back when our good friend JR heckled Keith Bogans for the entire game. It was awesome, he had Bogans questing every shot he took. If Roy had been the coach that day for Kentucky, he would have probably fought JR in the stands like Ron Artest against the City of Detroit. Granted JR might have had a few beers but that was allowed in the House that Dave "Man Hands" Odom built.

What will come of Roy vs. The Fan? UNC will apologize to Brian King, and Roy will stick to his side of the story. The Wine and Cheese crowd will bitch about how they get no respect and this will just fuel the fire when they visit Cameron Indoor in March.

The best quote from this story might be this one, I was told, 'Because this is Roy's house, and when Roy says you need to go, you go' " King said. "I thought it was sort of amusing."

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