Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mumme Poll Ballot

For explanation of the Mumme Poll see last week's write-up here.

1. Florida

Undefeated reigning BCS champion who just handed LSU their first loss of the season and their first loss at home at night in atleast 21 games.

2. Alabama

Another week, another solid, convinving victory.

3. Virginia Tech

Appear to be putting it all together, this week’s game against Georgia Tech is the last major hurdle to the ACC Championship game.

4. Southern Cal

Bye week is no reason to drop from the Top 5.

5. Texas

No real strong win to point to, but who else are you going to put here?


Comeback win against Missouri vaunts them into the top 12.


At this point how many teams could stay within 10 points of Florida, 3? 5?


Still undefeated but how long can they continue to escape with close wins against inferior teams?


We didn’t learn anything new, but they didn’t do anything to fall either.

Georgia Tech

There’s a reason the triple option was once the dominant offensive scheme in college football. Paul Johnson wants to remind you why.


If they’re that good and Boise beat them, what do we say about Boise State?

Boise State

Dependent on their Oregon win for their credibility, but that’s looking pretty good.

Also considered

Ohio State
Penn State
Oklahoma State
South Florida


Moose said...

My top 5 for the Mumme Poll

1.) Florida

2.) Bama

3.) Texas

4.) VT

5.) Iowa

Flounder said...