Saturday, October 17, 2009

5 Keys for a gamecocks win vs the crimson tide

By now I hope you have read the LOHD offical preview - HERE - of the game and also read the defensive strategy for Saban - HERE.  Both lead into my 5 keys for tonight that the South Carolina Gamecocks must execute.

As I stated earlier...
If the Gamecocks hope to knock off a second opponent in the top five this year, it’ll likely take another down-to-the-wire effort. The Gamecocks will have to play nearly perfect with a outstanding performance from its defense in stopping the run while not shooting themselves in the foot with turnovers. The USC offense will have to control the ball with a mixed bag of running and throwing plays, anything to keep the ‘bama offense off the field. The Crimson Tide are beatable and Carolina has a chance, but it will take perfect play from USC on both sides of the ball, timely mistakes from Alabama, lots of luck and an answered prayer.
Now for my 5 keys to a Carolina win....

1.  USC Line Play on both sides of the ball --- this game will be won or lost in the trenches tonight.  USC O line must protect Garcia, give him time to throw and create running lanes.  On the other side, the D line must create havoc for the 'Bama backfield.

2. USC must stand tall in 1st half --- SC must not let the game get out of hand early.  Seems this year Carolina has been a second half team so don't mess up by allowing Bama to surge in the 1st half.  Keep it close going into half.

3.  USC must win TO game --- Bama does not turn it over much but in this game they have to for SC to win.  Also Carolina must not shoot themselves in the foot this game.

4.  USC Special Teams --- on punts and kickoffs, SC must tackle.  Simple, right?  Also the foot of Spencer Lanning must be accurate tonight.

5.  Perfect play, luck and a prayer --- there is a chance tonight for Carolina.  They need to play with heart tonight, be tough, play smart, no dumb penalites, some luck of the irish and a answered prayer for the gamecock nation.

Go Cocks...shock the world tonight!

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