Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bar Review for Alabama

Well it has been a while since I have done some drinking in Alabama but I will try do my best for our first edition of Bar Review on the Road. The last time I went to Bama for a game was back in 2004. I am not sure how much has changed since then but I can still give you a heads up on what I remember from back in the day. The last time I was there it was parents weekend, and I must say that the parents at the AXO house were very nice to let me and JR use their restrooms and for giving us free t-shirts. So you if run into a pickle and there isn’t a porterjohn around, I say stop by the AXO house, they have a couple of restrooms right downstairs.

Ok back to the bars, the first place you are going to want to stop is Galette's, it isn’t the nicest place in the world but it sure was a lot of fun the last couple of times I have been down that way. Also check out Houndstooth right there off of University Blvd. Most places are pretty easy to find, as most of the bars are located right there on the strip.

Have fun and safe travels gamecock fans

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