Saturday, October 03, 2009

5 keys for Carolina vs. SCSU Today

The gamecocks need to avoid an upset today against a good SCSU bulldogs team.  The most pressing concern for the Gamecocks is to avoid a letdown against South Carolina State. As good as South Carolina State is, the fact remains that they are a good FCS team, not a top five FBS team like Ole Miss. The challenge is for the Gamecocks to bring the same intensity on Saturday they brought last Thursday.

As my prediction and preview earlier noted, I feel that Carolina will win this game 38-10.  BUT for that to happen there are 5 keys to the game from the LOHD perspective....

1.  Play with urgency till late in 2nd half  ---  the gamecocks must come out the gate strong.  Play with energy, heart and determination.  Play with "fire in the belly" and like their "heads are on fire."  SC must score early and often to begin this game.  Set the tempo, establish a comfortable lead and in the 2nd half get some other players time to play.  Thus the 1st teamers get rest, avoid key injuries and us the fans can enjoy watching a good win.

2.  USC rush defense --- the D line of Carolina is a little beat up due to injuries but this is college football and no excuses are allowed.  Time once again for the Carolina defense to lead the charge into this in-state battle and get the job done.  Two years ago, the Bulldogs rushed for 196 yards against Carolina in the loss at Williams-Brice.  That type stat can not be allowed today.  The gamecocks must shut down the SCSU rushing attack lead by a great runner in Will Ford.  He has to be contained and limited.  By doing this, it will force SCSU to pass against a good secondary lead by SC safety Culliver. 

3.  USC success in red zone --- USC needs TDs not FGs today.  As much as LOHD wants to see Spencer Lanning build upon his nine consecutive field goals and get the needed six more to break the school record....well I prefer to see TDs.  Don't care if its a WR or a TE or rushing.  Just get it done.  If we settle for FGs then SCSU lingers and we don't want that.

4.  USC rushing attack must attack --- the multi headed rushing machine with Maddox, Miles, Giles, Sherman and Baker must have success in moving the ball today.  I would love to see the gamecocks get close to 200 yards rushing today.  I want Garcia/McCollum to get some good throws in but really want to see Carolina have a nice lead and all they have to do is hand-off.

5.  S. Carolina Capitalizing on Opportunities --- gotta get SCSU to make a mistake or many but the most important point is that USC must make them pay for it.

still feeln' Carolina wins this 38-10, thoughts?

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