Wednesday, September 30, 2009

USC's Eric Norwood for Heisman?

Well he was not on our Top 5 list but maybe he should as he made it on the ESPN Watch List .

Let's take a look at his stats for the season (4 games).......

27 tackles (leads team)
18 of those tackles were solo tackles
6.5 tackles for loss for a total of 42 yards
6 sacks
1 INT that resulted in a 35 yd TD run for a score for Eric
1 Pass deflection
3 QB Hurries
1 Forced Fumble
1 Blocked Kick

What put him on the ESPN radar? Norwood, a 6-1, 252-pounder from Acworth, Ga., logged a game-high 10 tackles (seven solos) with a pair of sacks and another half-tackle for loss, partially blocked a punt and added two quarterback pressures in the upset win over Ole Miss last week.  He was the SEC Defensive Player of the week and now it seems he is a Heisman Contender.

So is Mr. Norwood a serious contender in your view?

You can VOTE for Eric Norwood by clicking here.


gamecock man said...

I don't think a linebacker could win the Heisman unless he logged about 25 sacks and somehow managed to score at least 3 touchdowns. One of those touchdowns would have to somehow be the one that wins a game against a great opponent. The crazy thing is, Norwood could actually do these things this year. Heck, he's averaging close to two sacks per so far.

However, even if he did those things, the award would probably still go to someone like Jimmy Clausen. I can't believe he's even on the list.

Moose said...

His stock is rising by the game, hopefully the NFL is paying attention. He doesn't need the Heisman hype, but I am sure it will help him make the final cut for some of the end of season awards.

EarthyTechnoPop said...

A defensive player has to be uber-spectacular to even be mentioned. Charles Woodson won it, but he also returned kicks (and if he didn't, I don't think he'd have the Heisman). NORWOOD does what he does very, very well, but I don't think that's enough to get into the Heisman race.

gamecock man said...

Returning kicks is key for a defensive Heisman contender. Actually, I think the real key is being in a on a few scores over the course of the year, and of course that's easier for a top return man. That's also why I think Norwood would need to return an interception for a TD in a big game or something like that to stay on the list.

Anonymous said...

"I think Norwood would need to return an interception for a TD in a big game or something like that to stay on the list."

**cough** Georgia **cough**

gamecock man said...

Yeah, I know he did it at Georgia, but I think it would actually need to contribute to us winning the game. Like that one should have.